Located on 80 acres northeast of Sherwood Park, the 5,400 square foot Bremner House was built in 1912 by Charles Bremner. In June 2009, Strathcona County Council passed a bylaw designating Bremner House a municipal historic resource-the first in the County.
"Bremner House captures a remnant of the County's history from the early 20th century," says (past) Mayor Cathy Olesen. "Designating the building will help the County maintain and restore the house, preserving it as a showpiece of our history and heritage for future generations."

For more information about the Bremner House:

Strathcona County history website click here
Strathcona County Living Publication (last page) click

In January 2008, the SVTA approached the County with a proposal for our club to lease a portion of the Bremner farmland to be used for heritage farming as well as a site for hosting our annual tractor pull and show. In the early months of 2009, the SVTA was awarded a lease on a parcel of land (approximately 25 acres) to use for club events and also for farming purposes. Since then, we have maintained our portion of the farm by cultivating, planting and harvesting grain and hay crops using vintage farming equipment and methods. The site has also been home to the annual tractor pull and show since 2010.

In  the summer of 2011, Strathcona County Council hosted a reception at the Bremner house for David Bremner and his wife, Susan. David is the great-great nephew of Charles Bremner. David wrote an article for the Alberta Genealogical Society in their publication Relatively Speaking. Click here to read the article by David regarding his experience tracing his family history.


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